Mission statement

To meet the needs of our community at Christmastime and throughout the year by supporting families during times of hardship while inspiring the values of kindness, compassion, philanthropy and volunteerism. The Susan Phippen House, home of Scituate Community Christmas, serves as an anchor by providing a warm, welcoming space for outreach and giving while connecting people with charitable organizations to promote the common good.


Meet Our Board of Directors

General Description/History

Founded in 1989, Scituate Community Christmas is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization formed to help provide services and new Christmas gifts to Scituate families who are faced with economic or other hardships. Since 1989, Scituate Community Christmas has served thousands of families needing assistance. The organization’s focus includes individuals, families, children under the age of 18, at Christmas, the disabled, and elderly without family in the area. There is a strict residency requirement; all recipients of gifts and or services must reside in the Town of Scituate.

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Legal Status

Scituate Community Christmas is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Service (Federal Identification Number 22-3051383). The organization is governed by a Board of Directors. The organization also has a Criteria Committee, comprised of three members of the Board of Directors, which makes decisions on recipients who request assistance

Scituate Community Christmas has a variety of policies in place to uphold the highest degree of governance and transparency.

Requests for Assistance

Requests for assistance may come from a variety of sources. Clergy, social workers, neighbors, friends, and concerned others may submit names of individuals/families who may need services.  Service requests are accepted all year long through referrals via phone, email or through the website.

Families are contacted to verify need, along with the information necessary for services to be provided.  At Christmas, information is necessary for Santa to choose appropriate toys for each child. Requests during the year will be met if possible, based on Criteria Committee review.  At Christmas, special requests will be considered and fulfilled if feasible.


Scituate Community Christmas is a volunteer-driven organization. Individuals, families, and businesses may support the organization through financial contributions, the annual raffle calendar, in-kind donations, and corporate partnership. Please visit our donation page to learn more.